Docker Ecosystem

Docker-based container and image deployment to get all the software you need up and running quickly.

Ubuntu Tensor Flow PyTorch Jupyter NVidia Cuda Deepo

Powerful search console

to find the GPUs you need

On-demand or Interruptible

Use on-demand rentals for convenience and consistent pricing. Or save a further 50% or more with interruptible instances using spot auction based pricing.

Pick your security level

XFA AI has an array of providers that offer different levels of security: from hobbyists up to Tier-4 data centers. XFA AI helps you find the best pricing for the level of security and reliability you need.


Use our command line interface to search the entire marketplace for offers while utilizing scriptable filters and sort options. Launch instances quickly right from the CLI and easily automate your deployment.

Real-time bidding system

Save an additional 50% or more by using interruptible instances and auction pricing. The highest bidding instances run; other conflicting instances are stopped.


Real-time Automatic Benchmarking

Picking the right GPU server hardware is itself a challenge. DLPerf (Deep Learning Performance) - is our own scoring function that predicts hardware performance ranking for typical deep learning tasks. We help automate and standardize the evaluation and ranking of myriad hardware platforms from dozens of datacenters and hundreds of providers.

One Interface

for Transparent Pricing

Each cloud compute provider has their own interface, naming convention and pricing systems that make direct comparison shopping difficult. Vendor lock-in further entrenches higher pricing once you select a single vendor. XFA AI’s search interface allows for fair comparison from all kinds of providers, from hobbyists to Tier 4 data centers. Start saving 4-6X today and get setup on a single interface that connects you to a XFA AI marketplace.

Tapping the XFA AI power of Decentralized Compute

Today most of the world's general compute power consists of GPUs used for cryptocurrency mining or gaming. Due to new ASICs and other shifts in the ecosystem causing declining profits these GPUs need new uses. XFA AI simplifies the process of renting out machines, allowing anyone to become a cloud compute provider resulting in much lower prices.

Choose Your Security Level

XFA AI gives you control over the level of security you require for your tasks. From lower-cost hobbyist providers with consumer GPUs up to Tier 4 data centers with enterprise GPUs, XFA lets you choose providers to meet your security needs.

Democratizing AI

Machine learning is progressing towards powerful AI with the potential to radically reshape the future. We believe it is imperative that this awesome power be distributed widely; that its benefits accrue to the many rather than the few; that its secrets are unlocked for the good of all humanity. Towards these ends we work to ensure that the compute powering AI is supplied by the people and for the people.